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Programming == Not Knowing What You’re Doing


When programming, you’re developing a system. The more you repeat yourself, the more you’re not using a system. So, when you’re creating new code, you’re figuring out how to make a new system.

That’s one thing when you’re using a system you’re familiar with. A common exercise is to re-implement a tool in a new language or on a new system, so you can compare the inputs and outputs.

Right now, I’m trying to change three things.

I know Javascript, but as a client-side language. I’ve installed Node.js and I’m playing with it, but honestly, I’m barely beyond the “Hello World” point with this language.

I’m familiar with SQL, and have several MySQL databases spread all over, but I’m starting to work on a problem where things are very tightly tied to persons, and so I’m thinking that it’d be better to have everything together, which should scale to millions of records and protect against

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This is my first post with Svbtle. We’ll see how it goes.

I have several existing blogging platforms. I have a Tumblr – Sans Direction – which right now is a hodge-podge of things shared to it, namely Instagram and Fitocracy. I have four Blogger accounts – Sans Direction, where I talk about making music (and I rarely do that); /var/log/rant, where I talk about computing, programming and technology (which should be about the same thing, but aren’t so much anymore); Akbar Zeb, which used to house phone-cam shots I liked and pretty much squats on the name, which is the real name of a Pakistani diplomat and which, in Arabic, is pretty much “Biggus Dickus”; and Nonplussed Rants, which is a direct dump of my public-facing Google Plus posts.

In fact, I think I do most of my blogging with G+ these days.

I think my most-commonly-updated stuff, not fed by other things, is /var/log/rant, and

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